Monopoly Cratte Mini Office Leather Backpack: First Impressions

A little backstory! I have been trying to find a mini backpack to serve as my everyday bag/purse for quite some time now, for it’s easier on the back. I originally wanted to purchase an Anello Backpack but it was very hard to find a reliable seller, style and color I was in love with. I wanted a bag that would compliment my new Kate Spade wallet that I purchased at their outlet store in Camarillo Outlets–which was such a steal at that price. Since was the wallet was black with gold hard-wear I wanted a bag also had those accents. It’s actually not too hard to find a backpack with gold hard-ware, it’s actually quite popular. But, the bags I liked  were out of my budget. Then I discovered a site called MochiThings and found backpacks from a brand called Monopoly. I was really happy with the way they all looked. I noticed one was very similar to the Anello backpacks but just a little more trendy looking. The best part is they have a black backpack with gold hard-ware. Unfortunately, the Anello backpacks did not have that style (they had one with silver hard-ware only) so I decided to go with the Monopoly backpack instead. Okay, I know it’s an obvious dupe of the Anello backpack, which I think could be possibly a touchy subject. I understand some people might think I shouldn’t support a company that copied. But, the backpack had everything I wanted and I’m happy with my purchase.

To those who believed in me

Thank you for trusting your faith with me. I don’t know how I can ever repay those who stood by my side. My friends, family and loved ones are my lifeline. Without them I can I’d probably be dead by now. I would not be the person I am today without their love and support. High school was hell for me and I am still getting over those wounds. These deep flesh cutting wounds. I can honestly say I would be not here if not for them. To be honest I am grateful and blessed for these special individuals in my life. I love each one of you with heartfelt graciousness. To my mother thank you for raising me for so long, you deserve all the riches and love and support in this world. My father thank you for being my everlasting protector. I have to much to learn in this world. If I didn’t have parents like the two of you I would never been this strong-willed. I’m still working of getting a tough outer skin. The real world isn’t as easy as I thought it could be but that has never stop me from doing what I need to do in life.

SHP-PEP 06 class where you at?

“We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do.”


I’ve always wanted to be the strong one but sometimes I feel like crying like a angel that had wings torn off. But I done crying, it’s too much to feel all this suffering. My coping mechanisms are not working as best as I wish they would. But I feel the support of my friends, loved ones and family. I’m so grateful to be this blessed in this life even though I made so many mistakes in life and sinned. I feel as though I did my best and I realize it made have not been enough. However I feel though I should move on and realize life is too short to feel bad about yourself. I think that positive spirit of mine is what is what kept me going in life. I so sick of suffering for the sake of suffering. I rather stick close to those who do love me and never take from granted ever again. I’m back and hindsight is really a BEACH. SooothingSista shout out to you. Congrats on engagement! Anways,I’m expressing myself through my writing!

See ya later, space cowboy!

Also. J.Fla keep up all the great work you’ve done!

Quickie Review: Wander Beauty Wanderlust Powder Foundation in Medium


Overview: This is a powder foundation that is build-able from sheer to full coverage. Contains skincare benefits such as jojoba esters, aloe leaf, honeysuckle, safflower and hibiscus extracts with sodium hyaluraonate which conditions the skin and hydrates. The power is talc free and comes with rubicell applicator that covers any skin imperfections such as redness, dark spots, age spots and uneven skin tone. Softens the look of pores and controls excess oil with a natural matte finish.

Price: $40 Quite pricey for a powder foundation. But it is full coverage and it comes in a compact in quantity of 9g/0.31oz.

Coverage: Sheer to Full. Definitely can be sheered out and can provide full coverage. The finish is matte and is quite nice. It looks as if you aren’t wearing make up, it looks just like your natural skin. It doesn’t settle in the pores and fine lines. Weirdly, though it comes out patchy on my skin. I don’t know if it’s the way I apply the foundation but it looks okay on my cheeks and forehead but on my chin it’s lighter than the rest of my face. I’m not sure if it’s oxidizes only on my chin but I have to use bronzer to even my skin tone out.

Shades: Limited. Very limited. If you don’t a paler complexion this powder is not for you. There is only five shades and only one darker shade. Does not cater to the tan skinned ladies, unfortunately.

Overall: 8/10 Despite the weird patchiness I experienced I really do love the look of this foundation. It’s really natural looking and the coverage is full enough to cover up any of my imperfections. While it’s on the higher end side of the make up world I believe it’s worth the price. Though you do not get very much product for the price.



My Recent Beauty/Make-Up Product Fails

I’m having such bad luck with beauty and make-up products lately. I just don’t know why all these products failed on me. But, fortunately for all my readers you get to learn from my not-so-fun experiences. Haha. ^^;;;;


Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation

I really wanted to love this foundation. It has such a nice finish on the skin! This is made for oily skin-types, which is right up my alley. But, even though I have oily skin, I do have dry patches here and there. This foundation just does not to anything for dry patches on the skin. It’s gross, it piles upon them making them extremely obvious. I also found blending very difficult at times. You must work in sections while applying because it sets from liquid to powder quite quickly. I’m really awful at blending so I end up having patches of skin with no foundation. That’s really my fault but I need a foundation that can be more forgiving. In the end, I had to return this product back to Sephora. Though, I don’t regret it at all. I don’t think it is worth the $56 price tag.


NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint

Another product I wanted to love. I thought I really liked it when I tried it in-store. But, after using it for a few weeks, I realize it wasn’t really doing anything for my blemishes. If anything, instead of concealing them, it made them stand out. This foundation also wasn’t very good on dry patches. The formula is quite thick and it was hard to blend. The finish is quite nice, matte but not too matte as to look like a mask. Also, I don’t think it was a very good shade for me. I have a neutral skin tone, varying from yellowish to reddish. I know, I have a weird skin tone, but this shade, St. Mortiz was too orange on me. Unfortunately, I also returned this product to Sephora.


Etude House Dear Darling Water Lip Tint in #1

While I was overseas, I couldn’t help stopping by a local Etude House–there was one right near my hotel! Very dangerous indeed. Fortunately, I had enough will power to only buy a couple of items. Weirdly, enough some of the products were much more cheaper if I just bought them online. But, it was nice to try the products in real life. (Just, FYI, the bb creams are sooo light!) Anyways, back to the point, I really love the color of this lip tint. It’s a nice berry color. But, it’s lasting power is pretty awful. It’s gone within the hour and you’ll have to reapply. If you are eating with this tint on, it will disappear completely afterwards. Also, it doesn’t taste that great. (Yea, I know you’re not suppose to taste it, but cmon you do! lol.) If you want a better lip tint stick with the Dear Darling Tint and skip the water tint version.


See the difference from the first swatch versus the next three swatches? I must of gotten a bad batch of lippies.  Swatches top to bottom: Are & Be, Donut, Bumble and Ouiji

This photo was taken a few minutes after the photo above. Do you see how even more cracked and crumbly the last three swatches look now? I can only wear the purple one which is called Are & Be. So I basically wasted my money on three lippies, since Colour Pop does not accept returns. -.-;;;;

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lip

Okay, you’re probably going to think I’m crazy because I know everyone loves these. But, I find that these do not work for me at all. I don’t know if I got old ones because all of them cracked when applied and dried, except for one of them. When I tried to reapply, I noticed the second application did not match the hue of the first application. I was walking around with two different shades of lipsticks, when in actuality it was just one!!! I felt ridiculous and had to rush to the bathroom to get rid of the mess it made. I know matte lippies tend to be drying but ouch these are painfully dry on the lips. If my tongue grazes my lips it’s like licking sandpaper. There’s nothing redeeming about this lippy! I don’t even think the colors are nice! I’m soooo disappointed because these look amazing on all the beauty gurus I’ve seen them on. I really wish it worked for me. I guess I’m sticking to their eyeshadows, which I love!

Well, those are my recent beauty fails! I hope that these products work for someone out there, but for me, these were a let down. Talk to you guys soon!


Clear Care Contact Solution a Brief Overview


I’ve been a contact user since I was in middle school, at the age of thirteen. I’m now already in my late twenties. (I feel old. T.T)  So, I’ve had my fair share of experiences when it came to using different contact solution(s). When I first started using contacts, my eyes were much more moist than as they are now, really dry and sensitive. Who knows what happened over the years, but wearing contacts for long periods of time really became uncomfortable. Dirty contacts, equals painful and itchy eyes. They’d be so painful, I’d have to take off my contacts and switch over to my trusty glasses. Hence, my contact solution became very important step in my use of my contacts.

I’ve used Renu, Opti-Free and Bausch & Lomb Biotrue in the past. They didn’t quite get the job done, but they at least made my contacts somewhat wearable. If you are a contact user, than you know the somewhat tedious process it is to clean your contacts. Most contact solutions claim to be rub free. But, I feel like you need to clean your contacts by rubbing them down. It’s a very tedious and time-consuming step, but, extremely necessary unless you like random particles agitating you eyes throughout the day.

Biotrue was probably the best contact solution I’ve used until I discovered Clear Care. It cleans your contacts fairly well, but there were times my contacts still had random dust particles attached to them. That single particle of dust makes all the difference!!! I wouldn’t be able to wear by contacts all day!

I thought I’d had to just deal with the subpar results for the rest of my living days. Then, one day, I was watching one of Jen’s (clothesencounters) monthly favorite videos on Youtube where she was talking about a unique product called Clear Care. Clear Care cleans your contacts with a low percentage of hydrogen peroxide by using a special contact container, which then neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide leaving your contacts blissfully clean. The container is cylindrical tube with a screw off lid. Attached are two mini baskets, this holds your contacts in place along with a black gear looking piece, which is responsible for neutralizing the hydrogen peroxide. That piece is very important since it neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide, making it possible for you to wear your contacts safely. (Sorry, I’m not the best at explaining! Good thing for visual aids!) Again, this contact solution uses a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide–it’s what cleans your contacts of dust, dirt, and any proteins that can get stuck on your lens. However, hydrogen peroxide without being neutralized can burn the heck out of eyes. There’s plenty of warnings plastered all over the packaging! Please make sure you read the directions throughly. It takes about six hours to fully neutralize the solution. Which isn’t too bad, if you let them soak overnight while you’re sleeping.


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! Look at that chemical reaction!

So, besides the container what is so special about this contact solution?  First of all, this stuff cleans your contacts immaculately! It feels as if you are putting fresh contacts each and every time. Also, since it cleans it so well, you can wear your contacts ALL DAY long! I don’t have to bring a pair of glasses with me or a contact case and solution just because my contacts have become way too uncomfortable to wear. Trust me, I am on the computer 24/7 and I can wear my contacts without any strain on my eyeballs. It’s just amazing! I don’t know how I lived my life without this contact solution! Definitely, a holy grain product!

I urge you to make the switch today, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! No more rubbing your contacts down and no more fussing with the typical contact cases! I’m so glad I’ve discovered a way to wear my contacts all day long without the discomfort. I’m never looking back!

Recommend to a Friend: Definitely. You need to try this product!