WISHTREND: Wish Box Summer Box No. 12 (Thoughts)


I’ve heard so much about wishtrend.com and their awesome wish boxes from beauty gurus on YouTube. So, when I saw the Summer Box No. 12, I knew that I had to purchase it. All of the items in this box appealed to me and I knew I would try every single product. Plus, it was such a good deal! I was so excited to get my package in the mail, it arrived in about almost two weeks. The shipping is quite expensive at about $10 USD but I still it’s worth it. Unfortunately, any type of discount or promo code will not towards the wish boxes!

wish_websiteEven the box it came in is nicely designed!

This Wish Box no longer available for purchase on the website unfortunately, but you can still try the actually products individually if you want to. Except for the toner, it’s no longer on the site.

Products included in this Wish Box:

wish_productsFour full sized products and two sample sized products! Not bad, if I do say so myself!

[IK’S] Real Aloe : Moist Max Toner [I don’t know why but this is no longer available to purchase on the site]
[TOSOWOONG] Soft Touch Suncream
[Klairs] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream
SPA ScalpĀ Scaling Shampoo
[Ciracle] Red Spot (Healing) Cream
[ROJUKISS] Natural Aqua Celtic Cream (Lime Tree) [This was the secret item!]

wish_packagingBeautifully packaged!! I love their attention to detail!wish_packaging2So shiny! The main products are in here. (See picture above for reference.)wish_overviewLook at all those samples!! How exciting!!

[IK’S] Real Aloe : Moist Max Toner 8/10

The packaging is so pretty!! Hehe. Anyway, a few months back I had a huge breakout all over my face and chest. It was horrible and painful. So, I started using this toner instead of my regular Burt’s Bee’s Rose Water Toner. It’s very gentle, doesn’t burn, calming and it feels slightly cool on the skin. I went through this toner rather quickly, which made me a bit sad. I think I might transfer it to a travel size spray bottle like I do with my Rose Water toner, to ration it. My toner lasts twice as long when I do this! Try it out!

[TOSOWOONG] Soft Touch Suncream 8.5/10

I use this as primer but this is a a moisturizer with sun blocking properties. I love this product! I use this product in conjunction with the RojuKiss Natural Aqua Celtic Cream. What I really like is, after a few minutes from applying this, the red patches on my skin goes away. Since it doubles as a sunscreen, I don’t have to add a step to my make up routine. The only down fall to this product, IMO, is probably the smell. It’s not horrible but I wish it was better. It’s like a heavy floral scent. Thankfully, the smell does not stay with you.

[Klairs] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream 4/10

This BB creme supposedly blends into the shade of your skin, so it comes in only one shade. It claims to enhance the natural appearance of your skin. Unfortunately, I am not a fan. I really wanted to like this BB cream but every time I used it, I only felt more and more disappointed. When I first applied this BB cream, I was thought the coverage was pretty light but it covered up any redness I had, so I was happy. It gave me a healthy yet pale complexion. Like shiny ivory. (BTW, don’t use this product on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sunburned skin. It’s a bit odd that you can’t use it on blemishes and pimples, but I digress.) I was pretty pleased and went about my day as usual. But, when I went to use a public restroom, then to wash my hands, I looked at my face in the mirror with horror–my face was splotchy! The BB cream somewhat oxidized, my skin was full of dry patches and it was slightly red, as if I were sunburned. At first I though it was something else causing these reactions, but after using the BB cream for a week and a half I knew that it was the culprit. I must be allergic to something in this BB cream. My skin is super sensitive and I also suffer from eczema. So while I like the BB cream initially, in the long run it’s an extreme let down. So, I give it 4 points only because it looks good when I first put in on. If it didn’t react so adversely to my skin, I’d might of really liked this BB cream. I’m so bummed because this product was the main reason I wanted to buy this Wish Box.

SPA ScalpĀ Scaling Shampoo 7/10

I don’t know if this really works. I didn’t notice my dandruff getting any worse or any better. But the smell is quite pleasant. It smells like citrus fruits to me. Fortunately, it did not dry my hair out. My hair was left leaving very clean. This shampoo would be really great as a clarifying shampoo, to get rid of all that buildup. Maybe, if I had the full sized product and was able to use for a longer period of time, I might see results. But, I was only give a sample size. I saw some reviews on the website saying they really like this shampoo so I may give it another chance one of these days.

[Ciracle] Red Spot (Healing) Cream 9/10

LOVE IT! Personally, I think it works best on fresher acne scars than say that scar that’s been there since your high school days. If you are still in high school or younger, then hopefully you don’t have to worry about scars and such. Unfortunately, I think the only way those deep scars will go away is through laser removal. Anyway, It tones down the red patches on my face and it’s been helping with some of the hyper-pigmentation. Sadly, it is only a sample size! I want more!

[ROJUKISS] Natural Aqua Celtic Cream (Lime Tree) 8/10

I’m not totally in love with this product but it’s been treating me well these past few months. It’s a gel consistency and it’s blue in color. The application is light and absorbs into the skin quite quickly. I use this underneath my makeup and with Tosowoong Soft Touch Suncream. It does what I want it to. My skin feels hydrated throughout the day and no dry patches appear. Dry patches have been a problem for me lately. It must be this cold weather. Especially, if I’m using acne medicine, it causes my skin to flake quite a lot. This moisturizer doesn’t really do much to help that. But, since I haven’t been getting breakouts lately, *knocks on wood* this moisturizer does the trick. Good for everyday use and isn’t sticky, it applies very smoothly. The only problem is the packaging. It’s in a jar form and I kind of hate dipping my fingers into it every time I use it, so I use a q-tip to scoop the product up. Annoying but it gives me peace of mind doing it this way.

Overall: 7.5

I did like this Wish Box, but I took off points because that BB cream was just a huge let down. Especially, since I was so excited to try it out. Most of the other products were just okay, but the suncream and the moisturizer are definitely my favorites. Would I purchase aonther Wish Box in the future? I say yea, I would. The shipping is kind of high but if they ever do a free shipping promo again, I’d definitely take advantage of that. I believe the free shipping promo is still going on if you are reading this around the time I posted this. This particular free shipping promo can be applied to the Wish Boxes but that’s not always the case. Usually, promo codes can’t be applied to Wish Boxes. So, just keep that in mind! I recommend trying out the Wish Box, if you want to try several new products at once. It’s definitely worth it, as they give you a ton of cool samples to try out as well.

As always, thanks for reading and look forward to more from us in the future! Happy Holidays!

The HealthE Baker – Baked Goods That Won’t Tip The Scale

UPDATE: Guess who is apart of the wordpress family now? Welcome, my dear friend!! She kept the name the same. ^^

It’s been a while!!! I know I haven’t been posting lately. Been busy with my portfolio and trying to find a job, it really is exhausting. But, look forward to new reviews soon–such as my Wishbox review and SkinFood BB Cream review! Until then, I’d like to shamelessly plug my good friend’s baking blog. She takes your average day baked goods, but makes them healthier, yet just as tasty.


The HealthE Baker


C’mon now! Doesn’t that look so delcious!!! Check it out, tell her Mar sent ya! ^^