J’adore Influenster Vbox – First Impressions


Disclaimer: All products received are for complimentary testing purposes from Influenster.

Back with another Impressions post! I hope you enjoy it!

I first heard of Influenster on (Danielle) LePooke’s youtube channel, she’s a beauty guru that also does a lot of un-boxing videos on several kinds of different subscriptions services. She’s really informative, go and give here a visit! Tell her, Mar from HereForThePretty send you! Even though I saw LePooke do several un-boxings on Influenster, I didn’t really take notice of it until much recently. I don’t why! It’s quite fun!! I’m glad I was introduced to it, I’m having a blast!

Today, (technically, not today, considering it takes me time to do most of my posts! Lol.) I just received my very first Influenster Box and I am very pleasantly pleased! All these yummy goodies to use! I feel like a kid on Christmas day. I totally squealed in glee when I saw everything nicely packaged in this gorgeous pink box. They really do have great attention to detail, you got to love that. ^^

These are the items you can receive in the J’adore Influenster Vbox (I received 5 products in total):

Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask: $9.39

Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates: $5.29

Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray: 9.99

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes: 3.99

Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas: 4.49 for carton of 20 tea bags

Vaseline Men Spray Lotion 7.99 for 6.5oz can (I didn’t receive this one, considering I don’t have a boyfriend. ^^;;;)


I don’t really know where to begin, I guess I can explain Influenster a little bit. Influenster is a free subscription service, where you can try several different samples. How is it free you ask? You must provide information to Influenster. You can do this is many ways. Provide reviews to different products or services or connect your social media sites to Influenster, etc. I know this sounds fishy, giving out information like this. but they won’t provide any of your private information to third-parties without your permission, so don’t worry! It’s a great way to try out products that you’ve always wanted to try or heard of but never had the chance to (try).

I haven’t tried everything just yet! It was almost overwhelming seeing all these products once I opened it, because I didn’t even touch my box until a few days ago.

I recently tried the Red Rose Simply Indulgent Tea, in flavor, Creme Caramel and it was okay. I was prompt to try it out after watching Shiley Wu’s video on her J’adore Influenster Vbox on YouTube. She seemed to really enjoy it so I’d thought I’d give it a go. I added vanilla almond milk to make more of a latte. I really did enjoy the flavor it’s just I wanted it to be stronger. I like my tea strong!! This tea was described as being decadent and indulgent without the calories and I think they accomplished that. It was very light though so I kind of wish it was deeper in those flavors of creme and caramel. I’ll try and steep it even longer next time around even though it said to steep for 3-5 minutes. The other flavor I was given to try was, Lemon Chiffon. That’s really exciting because I love the flavor of citruses and chiffon cake is so nice, light, fluffy and not too sweet. It’s a such a delicate flavor that I really think I would find it interesting. At least I hope so! I’m going into this with such a big expectation!

Okay, so who hasn’t tried Hershey’s chocolate?! Of course it’s good lol. I prefer the Hershey’s Kisses because they are the perfect size for a mini pick up during those unfortunate times of fatigue or as a snack or for a little treat or because you want chocolate or because they come in pretty colors of silver, pink and red. You get where I’m going here? LOL. Funny though, I remember Bubz from Bubzbeauty saying (in a vlog) she was eating Hershey’s chocolate and that the aftertaste reminded her of vomit. Now I can’t eat or think about Hershey’s chocolate without thinking about that. I just don’t taste it!!! BTW, who knows if she’d ever see this, but congrats on the tiny peanut that’s coming into this world, in the near future! ❤

I’d use the Frizz Ease Straight Flat Iron Spray if my hair wasn’t already naturally straight. But, if I ever feel like having pin straight hair I’ll definitely give this a go. I’ve tried Frizz Ease products in the past and I did enjoy them.

The Kiss Looks Natural Lashes are sooo pretty yet look natural!! I’m very tempted to use this during my friend’s wedding in June. I hardly ever wear false lashes because I think it’s too much work to do daily. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!” So, I usually only use them for special occasions.

The Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask! ^_^ I was super excited about this product because I love the Aztec Healing Bentonite Clay. While they are different, they are within the same realm. BTW, this uses Natural Oceanic Clay instead. Whatever that means…this is why we have Google! lol. I still remember the days of going to the library, if you needed information on something. I miss those days, to be honest! Anyway, this clay mask claims to pull impurities from your skin, leaving your skin feeling clearer, smoother, softer and shine-free. I used this mask before bed and when I woke up the next day, I was quite surprised of how good my skin looked and felt. It wasn’t anything drastic but my skin looked and felt a tad better. I don’t know about my skin being any clearer but I’ve only this mask once so we’ll see how it treats me after a few weeks. But, I think my skin is definitely smoother, softer and pretty much shine-free. I’ll definitely continue to use this product! Oh, good to note: For some reason, my sample was slightly runny, it wasn’t a thick paste, more like a gooey liquid-solid. Kind of like cornstarch with a little water added to it. It’s a solid if you clump it up but then turns into a liquid if you let it go. An amorphous solid, I think it’s called. It’s a bit messy but I didn’t mind it much.

So, what do you think? Will you give Influenster a try? ^. ~

Until next time,


My Experience with Invisalign So Far – Part Two: Refinements

Check out, Part One of this series: My Experience with Invisalign So Far and Part Three of this series, Part Three: Final Thoughts (pictures of my progression included!)

Hello, lovelies! I’m back with an update as to how my initial Invisalign treatment is going. I finished all 27 trays within 54+ weeks, that’s about a year and a little more. While I liked my smile and the results, I decided to continue with my Invisalign, in a stage they call, refinements. Refinements are usually not an extra expense, but I’d consult with your orthodontist before thinking about doing refinements. As I mentioned in my last Invisalign post, I had two teeth that didn’t go down as much as I had liked, I wanted these teeth to be more leveled with my other teeth. I didn’t do veneers or anything like that so I left it as is. But, after a few weeks of looking at my new smile, I was left with a longing. I wanted my smile to be even better and while I was already tired of brushing my teeth and flossing constantly, I decided that I wanted to go ahead with refinements. I thought why not? It doesn’t cost extra so I might as well do it now and not have any regrets later. So, what we did was take new impressions of my teeth and send them out to get more trays. This time I only have about 16 aligners on the top and about 14 aligners on the bottom. I’m nearly half way done with my refinements, at tray 10. I’m quite happy because my teeth are tracking quite well and are looking better and better with the weeks passing by. It’s really rewarding to see my smile change after every two weeks. I take off my Invisalign in the morning, look in the mirror and smile. I feel a bit ridiculous, to be quite honest, but it makes me so happy. Though, I’m not going to lie I still find it really annoying brushing my teeth constantly and the flossing, especially when I want to indulge in some noms. But, I can’t be lazy and to be honest, I’m getting lazy with my Invisalign–AGAIN. Oi. I feel so bad for my orthodontist! I used to be so good too! Let me just repeat myself one more time, DO NOT get Invisalign if you are not sure you are going to be consistent with wearing your trays for the 22 hours recommended time, daily and the constant brushing and flossing, every single time, you need to eat food or drink anything, besides cool water. It’s also extremely tempting, to just pop your trays back in without doing all that tenuous work. It’s just so not worth it, to not do it properly. I’m aware I’m being a little hypocritical here. But, I rather you hear the truth, instead of me sugar-coating it. As I said before, I still don’t have any regrets in choosing Invisalign. My problem is more based on my own fault, rather than Invisalign itself, because it does work. When I finally finish with my refinements, I’ll definitely show you pictures of the whole process; I would show you them now, but I think it would be better if you see all of the progression at once. I should be done sometime in June!

Until then, take care!